Rental Agreement

18 yard dumpsters

  • Daily rental $5.00
  • $350 per Dump
  • Dump includes 2 tons
  • Additional Tonnage $70.00 a ton
  • Rental period 30 days only
  • Additional days $10/day (based on availability)

Credit cards will remain on file in case any additional charges are incurred

Rental Information:

Dumpster will be placed in the driveway unless customer request placement of dumpster in another area. Please give placement instructions when scheduling dumpster delivery.

Dumpsters will only be placed on private property unless the customer has a permit to place on public property. HOA's may have restrictions so please check with them before renting a dumpster.

The dumpster will need a flat surface that is able to bear the weight of the dumpster with several feet of clearance around each side of the dumpster, at least 22 feet of unobstructed height and 34 feet of unobstructed room in front for a service pickup.

Restricted Items not allowed in roll-off dumpster:
  • No hazardous waste (Ex: explosives, flammable, propane tanks, or corrosive liquids including paint, stain, gasoline, motor oils, lead-acid batteries, transmission fluid, pesticides etc.)
  • No biohazardous waste and biomedical waste (Ex: needles, syringes or lancets)
  • Tires
  • Refrigerators, AC units or anything with Freon
  • Cement and Rocks

Please keep in mind, if any hazardous or non-allowed item is found, there will be a hazardous waste penalty and a minimum $125 charge to dispose of properly. Additional costs charged to the customer may include but are not limited to cleanup, penalties, legal fees and any additional charges we incur regarding restricted material disposal.

Please do not fill the dumpster past the top rim. If the bin is overfilled and doors cannot be closed, or tarp cannot completely cover the top without obstruction we will not pick it up until items have been removed or adjusted. There will be a trip charge of $150 charged to credit card if bin is unable to be picked up at the scheduled time. This includes if the dumpster is blocked or inaccessible on scheduled pick-up day.

Warren Painting & Drywall, LLC shall not be responsible for any damage to driveway, yard and landscaping, or underground services or any other form of property damage. Customer agrees to indemnify, defend, and hold Warren Painting & Drywall, LLC harmless against all claims, suits, damages, penalties, fines, and liabilities.

If order gets cancelled 48-hours before delivery date there will be no cancellation charge, If order gets cancelled with in a 48 hour period of delivery date, $125.00 charge will apply

Thank you for choosing Warren Painting & Drywall to provide your dumpster services. We look forward to working with you. If you have any questions, please contact us at 903-630-9312 or